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Have you considered making your own wine?

  • Yes. It's been a dream of mine for years (244 vote, 42%)
  • No. You might as well set fire to a case of £50 notes (245 vote, 42%)
  • Maybe, but only in my back garden (97 vote, 17%)

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Robert Parker's new California critic has only visited Napa and Sonoma twice. So do you need an intimate knowledge of a region to criticise its wines?

  • Yes, I'd expect nothing less from any so-called 'expert' (330 vote, 71%)
  • No, it's about the quality of the wines, not the soil (136 vote, 29%)

How much Bordeaux will you buy en primeur this year?

  • More than last year (61 vote, 13%)
  • Less than last year (112 vote, 23%)
  • None at all, it depends on the price (261 vote, 54%)
  • I'm waiting until the scores come out (50 vote, 10%)

As California's 2007 Cabernets win praise for balance and freshness in the April issue of Decanter magazine, are the state's wines becoming more elegant?

  • Yes - so no more overoaked, overripe wines for me (86 vote, 16%)
  • Perhaps - but the 'flabby Cabs' image is a cliche anyway (131 vote, 24%)
  • Not really - 2007 is just one vintage (96 vote, 18%)
  • Not at all - there are still too many overpriced fruit bombs (233 vote, 43%)

What do you think of Gewurztraminer?

  • Love it - as long as it's from Alsace (367 vote, 47%)
  • It's no better or worse than any other grape (168 vote, 22%)
  • I'll give it a go with spicy or Asian food (197 vote, 25%)
  • Hate it - it's lke drinking potpourri (42 vote, 5%)

Bring Your Own is on the rise in London. What would you pay to take your own wine to a restaurant?

  • No more than £10. How much does it cost to clean a glass? (502 vote, 58%)
  • The same as the restaurant's house wine (197 vote, 23%)
  • Up to £50 for a special bottle, well decanted and served (60 vote, 7%)
  • I wouldn't - it's disrespectful to the restaurant's list (106 vote, 12%)

When will you open your first bottle on Christmas Day?

  • I'll crack open a Sauternes after Midnight Mass (124 vote, 15%)
  • A light Asti Spumante with breakfast (225 vote, 26%)
  • A late-morning aperitif - maybe Manzanilla (266 vote, 31%)
  • I'll hold off till my cru classe with the turkey (239 vote, 28%)

In light of the 'frog in a bottle' saga, do you return faulty bottles to retailers?

  • Yes. It's their responsibility to sell wine in perfect condition - it goes back if it's not right (278 vote, 47%)
  • I would, but only if it was a serious fault (226 vote, 38%)
  • Only if it contains amphibian life forms (53 vote, 9%)
  • No, once I tend to live with it - or curse my luck (37 vote, 6%)

Do you agree with Andrew Jefford that Chardonnay is Australia's trump card?

  • No, it's not a patch on Burgundy (128 vote, 25%)
  • There are a few great wines, but they are the exception rather than the rule (269 vote, 53%)
  • Yes, it's a hugely underrated category (106 vote, 21%)

Will the DWWA success of smaller regions such as Israel tempt you to try their wines?

  • Yes - I love making discoveries (315 vote, 62%)
  • Maybe - I rely on recommendations to broaden my horizons (110 vote, 22%)
  • No - I know what I like and I'm sticking to it (83 vote, 16%)

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