Jane Anson

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While climate change has thus far had a positive impact on Bordeaux, JANE ANSON asks what producers are doing – if anything – to address the underlying issue of their

The voice of Bordeaux

Not content with owning four estates, including a St-Emilion premier grand cru classé, Hubert de Boüard also consults at properties across Bordeaux and around the world, and is president of…

Margaux, Latour, Palmer release UPDATE

Chateau Margaux has released its initial tranche at €240, a drop of 27% on last year’s price. Chateau Latour has released today (11 June) at the same price.

South West France travel piece

The characterful native grapes of this vast region are flying the flag for southwest France at home and abroad. Jane Anson introduces them

Quenin is new St Emilion president

Jean-Francois Quenin, owner of Chateau de Pressac, is to be the new President of the Conseil des Vins de Saint Emilion, as Hubert de Bouard finally steps down.

Castel buys Oenoalliance

Castel, France’s largest wine company, has bought Bordeaux wine merchant Oenoalliance.

Paris pawn shops to accept wine

For the first time in their history, Paris pawn shops have agreed to take bottles of wine in exchange for cash.