Andrew Jefford


It's taken some time to sink in, but I think almost every wine enterprise around the world now realises that its website is the principal way it talks to the…

Jefford on Monday

There are various critiques on the wine world, but when it’s time to popularise and demythologise, get stuck in; loosen up; have fun.

Andrew Jefford

'Grand cru in Alsace is infinitely more meaningful than in St-Emilion'

Andrew Jefford

'In one sense, the process Bouchard fought has been Burundy's salvation'

Jeffrey Grosset

Jeffrey Grosset is the most celebrated Riesling producer in Australia. Andrew jefford meets a man whose focus is as intense as his wines

Andrew Jefford June 2010 issue column

What is it about Pinot? No other grape inspires as much attention. It’s both nerd-magnet and fashion doll; it fuels flights of rhetoric and gigabytes of research data; it famously…