Chris Mercer

Viniv wines

Which grape varieties would be in your perfect blend? Do-it-yourself wine is emerging as a logical next step for discerning drinkers with cash to spare.

wine calories

Do you care how many calories are in your favourite bottle of wine? Debate is growing in the UK after supermarket Sainsbury's committed calorie labelling on all of its own-brand…


Pernod Ricard's chief excecutive has talked up the potential of the firm's fledgling winemaking venture in China, as government austerity measures hit the firm's Cognac sales harder than expected.

Australian containers

French wines lost market share around the world in 2013, according to new figures that a show a drop in exports from the country.

Red Obsession

Red Obsession, the feature documentary on wealthy Chinese consumers' blossoming taste for top Bordeaux wines, has moved a step closer to release in the UK and France after winning two…