Steven Spurrier

Steven Spurrier May 2010 issue column

During the third week of January each year, a dozen or so tasters, predominantly trade but with one or two scribes, meet in the nicely old-fashioned East Anglia seaside town…

Steven Spurrier January ’10 column

In October I led a masterclass in Burgundy for Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours, a five-day excursion to taste across the appellations and in the cellars of benchmark producers.

Steven Spurrier February ’10 Column

In November, Pierre-Henry Gagey, who joined Louis Jadot in 1985 and took over when his father, André, retired in 1992 after 30 years at the helm, gave a tasting for…

Bordeaux 2008: A Tough Call

On the back of a gloomy summer and an ever gloomier market, it was a vintage that had been all but written off. Some didn’t even bother going to taste…

Unsung Heroes

He loves his claret, but when it comes to refreshing, good-value whites, STEVEN SPURRIER can’t get past Bordeaux’s other great style. Here, he recommends his top 20 from £5–£15, and…

Blood is thicker than wine

STEVEN SPURRIER had met Piero and Lodovico Antinori many times, but always one brother at a time. With the pair working on their first joint venture, it was time to…

Bordeaux – Credit Crunch good value bordeaux wines

Recent vintages may be extortionate, but STEVEN SPURRIER has unearthed some good-value, mature claret alternatives, to drink now. After all, the credit crunch doesn’t mean we have to lower our…

Argentinian Red wines

STEVEN SPURRIER didn’t expect his first trip to Argentina to fill him with ‘unbounded enthusiam and admiration’. But the quality and value of the country’s reds have left him in…

Bordeaux 2015 en primeur wines at Grand Cercle tasting at Bellefont-Belcier

This was an average and variable vintage, as one might expect. A constant battle was waged against mildew but the ultimate problem was bringing the grapes to full maturit

Le Fizz Anglaise

Could sparkling wine replace Pimms as England’s favourite home-grown drink? The signs look so good to Steven Spurrier that he’s planning on making some himself…

Bordeaux En Primeur

2006 – THE ‘HAUTE COUTURE’ VINTAGE It’s better than 2001 and 2004, says STEVEN SPURRIER, but this is not a vintage to buy ‘off the peg’. Below the highest level,

Go with the flow

To decant or not to decant? How? What? When? There are no hard and fast rules, says STEVEN SPURRIER, but a little decanting never hurt a wine


A very successful commune, with most châteaux going to the maximum to preserve the marvellously ripe Cabernet fruit. The 2005 vintage is definitely a Pauillac year. Steven Spurrier