DWWA logos

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DWWA 2018
DWWA  2018 generic logo
DWWA 2018 Platinum Best in Show logo
DWWA 2018 Platinum logo
DWWA 2018 Gold logo
DWWA 2018 Silver logo
DWWA 2018 Bronze logo
DWWA 2018 Commended logo

DWWA 2017
DWWA generic logo
DWWA 2017 Platinum Best in Show logo
DWWA 2017 Platinum logo
DWWA 2017 Gold logo
DWWA 2017 Silver logo
DWWA 2017 Bronze logo
DWWA 2017 Commended logo

DWWA 2016
DWWA 2016 Platinum Best in Show logo
DWWA 2016 Platinum logo
DWWA 2016 Gold logo
DWWA 2016 Silver logo
DWWA 2016 Bronze logo
DWWA 2016 Commended logo

DWWA 2015
DWWA 2015 International Trophy logo
DWWA 2015 Regional Trophy logo
DWWA 2015 Gold medal logo
DWWA 2015 Silver medal logo
DWWA 2015 Bronze medal logo
DWWA 2015 Commended logo

Please note all logos are subject to copyright and may not be used on bottles without prior authorisation from Decanter. DWWA brand guidelines must be adhered to whenever logos are used.

Press releases DWWA 2017

UK press release

International press release

French press release

Italian press release

Brand guidelines

Please note: The DWWA logos are copyright, so they cannot be altered or changed in any way. DWWA brand guidelines must be adhered to whenever Decanter and DWWA logos are used. Medals may only be displayed against winning wines of the appropriate medal and correct vintage from the relevant awarding year of the Decanter World Wine Awards.

You may use DWWA logos on your printed or digital marketing material to publicise your award (free of charge). However, if you would like to display the medals on your bottles, you must either purchase DWWA bottle stickers from shop.decanterawards.com or purchase the rights to print your own stickers or print the logo directly onto your label from Decanter in advance. For all enquiries, please email: danny_casely@decanter.com

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