1. Enter or login online

If you did not enter in previous years, register an online account here.

2. Enter your wine details online

Add wines to the “My Wines” section in your online account.

3. Choose your shipping method

Click on ‘select shipping’ once you have completed your entries, to select your preferred shipping option. The cost of shipping your wines via consolidated shipping will be added at this stage.

4. Make payment online

Click on ‘Pay now’ once you have completed your wine entries. If you enter online, you must online using a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted).

Entry price per wine: £150 + VAT (20%)

Payment deadline: 22 July 2016

5. Submit your entry online

Once your entries are paid for, they are complete. Click here to enter or make payment online. Entry deadline: 22 July 2016

6. Send your wine samples

You must send 4 bottles per wine entered via the shipping method selected in your account.

Click here for full shipping and delivery options and deadlines