Ed Adams MW is a judge at the DWWA 2016.

Ed Adams MW has been working on the Báscula Spanish wine project with South African winemaker Bruce Jack since 2006. He’s been in the wine trade since 1983 after he started off working for an old Bristol wine firm, Howells, and spent seven years as a buyer for The Co-op in Manchester.

Read our interview with Ed Adams MW below…

Which year or decade do you wish you’d been born in and why?
I’m happy with 1960, the year I was dealt.

How old were you when you had your first wine ‘moment’ and what was it?
Probably around 11 – Beaumes de Venise after lunch in Hull at friends of my parents. I remember thinking ‘this is a lot better than grape juice’.

How many bottles do you have in your cellar and what is your most recent addition?
About 250-300 bottles. Recent purchases have been a mixed lot of: Bollinger NV (quite superb!), Gaia Assyrtiko from Santorini (love that wine), and a knock–out, super fresh Quincy which has all been drunk and I can’t remember the name of the producer – it kicked most, if not all of New Zealand into touch though.

How many years have you been working in the wine industry and what was your first job?
31 years. My first job was in 1983, working in Howells wine shop, Bristol.

Which wine do you wish you’d bought a whole case of?
2005 Laffite. It’s the best red I’ve ever tasted but also one of the most expensive. I refuse to pay silly money for wine though – it’s a bit like over-the-top hi-fi.

In the last 12 months, which grape have you drunk the most of?
Tempranillo. Usually my own and rather too much at my daughter’s wedding.

In the last 12 months, what’s the most exciting region you’ve discovered or re-discovered and why?
Not a region, more a country – Greece. It’s the best new Old World country in Europe, if that makes sense, and it’s also a very beautiful and lovely place.

Who’s your wine idol (who has inspired you the most in the wine world)?
Alvaro Palacios. I’ve only met him once and to use a much overused word, the man’s a genius.

What’s your most memorable wine and food moment?
Jamon Iberico with a 1964 Viña Tondonia white at the Lopez de Heredia cellar. The best white wine I’ve ever had and fresh as a daisy too.

If you could taste/drink any wine in the world what would it be and who would you drink it with?
A top Krug vintage with Winston Churchill. Don’t think it’s going to happen.

What do you enjoy most about judging at the Decanter World Wine Awards?
The extraordinarily wide selection of wines, and meeting other judges.

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Written by Decanter