Test your knowledge of this major international grape variety with this week's Decanter.com quiz.


The Decanter.com ABC quiz: See below to test your knowledge.

This grape variety has conquered the world twice over, dominating plantings and palates in every wine growing region.



  • BCWineTrends

    70% Chablis is not my strength.

  • Doug Anderson

    Me too.

  • Céline Berthaut

    It’s the only area in Burgudy where the suvignon blanc and “gris” are used, It ‘s Village appellation St Bris(St Bris le Vineux and included 4 comunes around) so you will find that wine under the Village “designation” and makes sens for the winemaker it’s better way to promote the fact that the wine is from a specific area…in Burgundy

  • Sarah Key

    40%, I rarely drink wine, and all I know is it has to be sweet, otherwise I’ll pass. But I guess some general knowledge hasn’t killed anyone… :))

  • Ged Bell

    80% didn’t know those Grand Crus.


  • Richard Flack

    Re Qu 8, I think it’s correct. Fourchaume is 1er cru which is why it is NOT a Grand Cru.

    Qu 4 though, I wonder, as St Bris AOC in Burgundy uses Sauvignon Blanc. Perhaps it is not allowed to use ‘Bourgogne Blanc’ designation, does any one know?

  • Fredrik G

    Damn. My scrolling seems to have screwed up what I had selected! 🙁

  • James Smythe

    I thought Chardonnay was just a girls name;)

  • Fraser Bailey

    A nifty 80%, despite the fact that I often fall into the ABC camp.