What's the latest news on Cava's new top tier classification for single-estate wines? Pere Bonet, president of the Cava council, updates Decanter...

David Collishaw, London, asks: Last year I read on Decanter.com that Cava was to introduce a new top tier in its classifcation for single-estate wines, named Cava del Paraje Calificado. What’s the news on this?

Pere Bonet, for Decanter, replies: The designation of Cava del Paraje Calificado is being introduced soon. We wanted to make sure all the details were properly sewn up and legally binding before we launched to ensure the best possible quality for the consumer.

The new Cava classification is the top rung in terms of quality and the wines that carry this seal will have been sourced from single estates in the very best terroirs of the Cava-producing region. This premium classification should start to appear on labels by the end of 2016. It will take a while to filter through, as very good Cava is always aged for a minimum of 36 months before being released.

Pere Bonet is the president of the Cava regional regulation council.


  • David Baker

    Many consumers look down their noses at Cava, for no good reason, other than poor quality in ancient history, and they show surprise on learning that it is bottle fermented like champagne, and not made in tank like most Prosecco. And in fact, it is rather good.

    Rather than tinkering at Cava’s top level, as with Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, or introducing vague terms like the German Classic and Selection, or the Pays d’Oc Collection, Style and Seduction, effort might be better expended in reaching out to the UK consumer. Then perhaps we might see people drinking more Cava, or even bottle fermented Sekt.