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Pomerols have gone dry, and even St Emilions are not living up to initial promise

Weather Conditions

After a rough three years, the weather settled into a more predictable pattern. Winter was mild and rainy, but spring started fine, although the warm weather was punctuated by a few cold spells and occasional frosts. The summer months were hot and dry, so the showers that fell in September were

particularly appreciated. The harvest, which began during the last week in September, was mainly sunny, although there were a few hailstorms.

Best Appellations

Pomerol and St.Emilion have proven very variable in their evolution. Some Pomerols have gone dry like the Medocs, and even St. Emilions which looked very promising when 10 years old, now seem to have lost their fruit.

Best Producers

Pomerol: Petrus and Trotenoy are thin but preserved and most approachable. St.Emilion: Figeac is worth looking at.