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Late-picked properties produced rich, full-bodied wines

Weather Conditions

Flowering took place slightly behind schedule after a relatively mild winter. The weather warmed up by summer, and July and August were both hot and dry. The pattern was reversed in the first three weeks of September, with cold, damp conditions, although the end of the month saw a return to sunshine. The September rains, which diluted the reds, had little discernible impact on the whites. The late sun gave a boost to the Sauternes crop, and picking began on the 27th of September.

Best Appellations

Sauternes: this was a great vintage for sweet wines, probably the best of the decade.

Best Producers

Sauternes: the magnificent Yquem marked the opening of the stewardship of Alexandre de Lur-Saluces, which continues to this day. Then luscious, long- lasting wines were made at Climens, de Fargues, Sigalas-Rabaud and Suduiraut.