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This vintage was spoiled by rain. Early-picking properties made a few rich wines

Weather Conditions

Spring was mild and dry, with little frost. An early flowering took place under perfect conditions. The start of summer saw a good deal of fine, sunny weather. Light rain fell towards the end of July and continued on, in bursts, throughout a coolish August. Early September, in contrast, was exceptionally hot and dry, promoting a ripening that was so fast that the start of the harvest was one of the earliest in many years. The hot summer resulted in a crop with a very high sugar content, and the change in late September promoted the growth of Noble Rot.

Unfortunately, however, high levels of rainfall in October washed away the botrytis and the disappointing harvest took place in terrible weather. The best quality fruit was the 20 percent or so picked before the rain. Most wines lack a strong botrytis character, although they are rich and fruity.

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