Decanter Magazine: October 2013

On sale: Wednesday 11 September 2013

Inside the magazine this month: South America special: 50 top wines under £20, Extreme terroirs and their wines, 82 Malbecs rated, 103 Chilean Pinots tasted...

Decanter October issue cover 2013

South America’s top 50 buys under £20:Wines from this diverse continent can be superb value – if you know where to look. We’ve done a comprehensive tasting, so you can buy the best

Going to extremes: Vine-growing in previously uncharted territory, both at altitude and near the ocean, is bringing rich rewards, as Patricio Tapia finds out

Old dogs, new tricks: Chile is reining in its past excesses, while sticking to the values of its pioneer winemakers, writes Peter Richards MW

Interview: Pedro Parra & Alberto Antonini: The consultants are inspiring more boutique, terroir-inspired wines in Chile and Argentina, says Peter Richards MW

Malbec: age of enlightenment: The Argentinian drive for terroir is giving Malbec a new lease of life, finds Anthony Rose

All to play for: The global pull to invest in South American wine has borne rich fruit in the past 50 years, says Margaret Rand

Explorations in Brazil: Steven Spurrier finds there’s much more to Brazil than sport, and we take a peek at Uruguay

Argentinian Malbec: 82 wines tasted, 4 Outstanding: The new wave of region-specific wines impressed with their emphasis on fruit over oak

Chilean Pinot Noir: 103 wines tasted, 1 Outstanding: No fireworks here, but Pinot lovers will appreciate the consistency and value for money found here

Expert’s choice: Beyond Malbec: Argentina’s other varieties are showing that the country isn’t a one-trick pony, says Fabricio Portelli

Weekday wines: Our team recommends 25 great-value wines on the UK shelves, for under £20

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