Fake Bollinger being sold in London

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  • Sunday 14 March 2010

Hundreds of bottles of counterfeit Bollinger have been found in small West London retailers and bars.

Counterfeit Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger’s UK agent Mentzendorff has confirmed they have been working closely with Trading Standards since before Christmas, when the first bottles (pictured) were discovered.

Mentzendorff managing director Andrew Hawes said in a statement, ‘To date the quantity of stock involved is very small and no existing trade customers of ours have been approached.

‘We would like to assure our regular customers that there is absolutely no danger that they could mistake this stock for the real thing – the labels being poor-quality photocopies that have been applied to stripped-down bottles of cheap sparkling wine sourced from across the Channel’, Hawes said.

According to Trading Standards the bottles are being sold by the case around the Holland Park area to newsagents and small independent off-licences. They have not appeared in any major retailers such as supermarkets.

The bottles are appearing on the shelves at around £30 - close to genuine Bollinger NV's average retail price of £36.

Mentzendorff contact: Chloe Craven on +44 (0)20 840 3600.

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