Chianti Classico to launch black rooster merchandise range

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  • Tuesday 31 March 2009

The Chianti Classico wine association is launching a range of merchandise adorned with its black rooster symbol.

chianti classico t-shirt

The line, which includes clothing, home fragrances, mouse mats and other household items – as well as wine accessories - will be introduced at the Vinitaly wine fair later this week.

'The black rooster [gallo nero] is an ancient military symbol that was chosen in 1924 to represent Italy’s first wine consortium,' said Silvia Fiorentini, marketing manager of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico.

‘It has become so closely associated with Tuscan culture and the region that people put rooster stickers on their cars. It may be more popular than the Fiorentina football team logo.’

Fiorentini said the merchandise, designed by an agency in Rome and produced by local artisans and manufacturers, is aimed at Italian consumers as well as tourists.

The range currently includes such items as a Chianti map, an apron and four scents, dubbed 'the Four seasons of Chianti'. Other items soon to be available include T-Shirts, crystal goblets, hats and sportswear. A higher-end line that includes leather goods and incorporates a more stylised version of the rooster is also planned.

'For our wine, the rooster has come to signify "quality" and "made in Italy",' said Fiorentini. 'We think it will do the same for the products.'

The Gallo Nero products, as they are called, will be available in Italy, and worldwide, by shops selected by the Consorzio.

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