Wine drinkers continue to cut spending

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  • Tuesday 17 March 2009

British wine drinkers are continuing to curb their spending with over a third buying cheaper wines.

The results of the Wine Intelligence Poll, commissioned by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), reinforce previous market research suggesting a growing number of low spending consumers are being forced out of the wine category altogether.

The poll also found that a quarter of regular wine consumers are now choosing to drink at home rather than in pubs and restaurants.

On the whole, 34% of wine drinkers are spending less on wine as the impact of the economic downturn takes hold.

Wine drinkers who usually spend less than £4 on a bottle are reducing their spending on wine in greater numbers and one in five are buying more at once to benefit from a discount.

Jeremy Beadles, chief Executive of the WSTA, said: ‘The survey bears out the warnings from the trade that in the face of the worst recession for a generation and successive punitive tax increases the market has reached a tipping point.

‘The findings from Wine Intelligence come on top of evidence from Nielsen showing sales of wine priced under £4 fell by 11% last year. Analysts suggest this indicates many on lower budgets are simply being priced out of the wine category and this survey lends weight to that view.’