CRAV attacks Grand Chais de France estate

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  • Tuesday 3 March 2009

Wine terrorists CRAV have attacked La Domaine de la Baume, the Languedoc estate owned by Grand Chais de France, France’s second biggest wine group.

On 1 March, the anti-globalisation protesters known for their often violent tactics set off two explosions on the estate in Servian, near Beziers, which produces wine mainly for the UK.

The group left its signature painted on the walls, but gave no further explanation for the strike.

'The worst damage was to the offices and the wine shop, which will have to be completely rebuilt,' La Baume director Frederic Glangetas told

'The difficulty the police have is that while some people may have an idea of who did this, nobody wants to name names. But CRAV are attacking the wrong target – they are attacking people who should be their partners, who are working to promote Languedoc wines, and they are simply perpetuating a negative image of our region.'

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