Radoux releases leather barrel with Swarovski stopper

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  • Tuesday 9 December 2008

French cooperage Radoux has released a limited edition leather-bound barrel with a Swarovski crystal bung (stopper), for the winemaker who has everything.

Swarovski barrel

The luxury X-Blend barrel is made of oak from France's top forests, and has metal hoops overlaid with leather strips which are purely decorative.

Displayed at the Vinitech wine equipment and technology show in Bordeaux, the barrels cost €1200 (£1042), double the price of a normal barrel. The trees - the exact location of which is secret - are selected for their fine grain, while the oak's toast is decided by the buyer.

A maximum of 100 will be made each year, each numbered and signed by company chief executive Christian Radoux.

'Even with the financial crisis, we sold 20 of these barrels at Vinitech,' Radoux marketing director Pierre Chiberry told decanter.com.

The first barrels were made in June for multimillionaire magnate Bernard Magrez, who bought four for his Chateaux - Pape Clement, Fombrauge and La Tour Carnet.

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