Australia's Directions 2025 unveiled

Australia's Directions 2025 unveiled News Wine News
  • Saturday 26 May 2007

The Australian wine industry has unveiled Directions 2025, its update of Strategy 2025.

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia launched Directions 2025 at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair last week.

The document contains 10 ‘Directions’, which are intended to create a comprehensive blueprint to allow Australia’s 2,000 wine producers to achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive international market.

The directions fall into three broad categories – anticipating the market, influencing the consumer and building sustainable success.

‘The campaign is designed to provided opportunities to expand our market at various price points,’ said Kevin McLintock, chairman of the Directions taskforce, ‘and will allow us to expand our image beyond Brand Australia into four different profiles.’

The four profiles are ‘Brand Champions’ – wines designed to appeal to a broad market base, ‘Generation Next’ – wines driven by innovation in marketing and packaging as much as content, ‘Regional Heroes’ – wines that focus on regional diversity, and ‘Landmark Australia’ – aspirational wines.

‘We need to re-engage with the consumer,’ Paul Henry, the AWBC’s marketing development manager said. ‘I think in recent years we’ve been negligent in that we’ve invested too much in the gatekeepers rather than the consumers themselves and we aim to address this through a variety of means.’

In addition to creating opportunities for consumers to taste a wider diversity of Australian wines, Directions 2025 aims to increase consumer awareness through promotion of wine tourism.

In order to facilitate this, the AWBC will, for the first time, be drawing on funds provided by state government and regional agencies in addition to the funding derived from winemakers and grape growers.

Directions 2025 is an update on Strategy 2025, which was published in 1996. Strategy 2025 set sales targets for Australian wine of AU$4.5bn to be achieved by 2025 – a figure which was surpassed 20 years early in 2005.


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