Wine treatment claims to cure impotence

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  • Wednesday 28 July 2004

A luxury hotel in the Ukraine is prescribing regional wine and herbs to fight a multitude of health problems from cardio-vascular illnesses to impotence.

In the Crimean tourist resort of Alushta on the Black Sea, Dr Alexander Sheludko has nine different wine and herb infusions to prescribe for various health-related problems.

Sufferers of cardio-vascular problems are given a mix of Madeira, vodka, honey and almond and those with ‘chronic fatigue’ are given a potion of Cabernet Sauvignon, rosemary and sage to be taken three times a day.

‘Our recipies, made from regional wines and herbs found in the Crimea, are exclusive. We took our ideas from medical and scientific books, and novels,’ Dr Sheludko told French news agency AFP.

The most popular remedy is ‘potion number 5’ – a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, thyme, sage and honey. It is said to help men with low sex drives.

Each course of oenotherapy treatment lasts at least 10 days and costs around US$30. The resort is gaining popularity, especially with Polish, German and French tourists, but according to Dr. Sheludko, they come more out of curiosity than for healing.

‘They come more to sample [the remedies] than to cure themselves,’ he said.

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