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  • Tuesday 25 November 2003

As the world's most famous young red wine started hitting shelves late last week it was fiercely attacked by a French environmentalist group.

Beaujolais Nouveau has been accused of polluting several of the region's rivers by the group Robin des Bois, which said last week, 'The Beaujolais produces more polluted water than wine.'

The group claims six Beajolais rivers have been damaged by pesticides, and that chemical concentrations were so high the two rivers, the Azergues and Saone, were classifiable as being unfit for human water consumption.

The group adds that during the harvest the wineries disgorged almost five times their usual water volume in order to clean out its tanks, thereby overwhelming the local sewage plants who could not process the excess volume of the chemically tainted water.

In a statement, the Association of Beaujolais Professional Winegrowers said monitoring of pesticide levels had been established in 1997 in line with national laws.

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