Cybeer to revolutionise bars

Cybeer to revolutionise bars News Wine News
  • Monday 25 September 2000

Say goodbye to waiting patiently in pub queues with beer soaked elbows as a 'busty barmaid' pours your drink - the pioneering Cybeer machine is here.

The new machine, launched today at Pub & Bar 2000 in London's Olympia, will be able to dispense and sell beers - and ultimately any drink - directly to the customer with the minimum fuss and wait. The manufacturers claim the product will take the strain off busy bars and dramatically increase profits, reducing the chance of theft and wastage.

According to the makers, Cybeer is not meant as a replacement for bar staff, but merely as an 'extra pair of hands' during the busy periods.

One of the main players behind the concept, Charles Ryan, an American bar owner, says Cybeer is the start of a brand new generation of devices. 'It uses cards to pay for your drinks, and with up to 24 different beers available from one machine the customer will have quick and efficient service every time.' He adds, 'We can also adapt the Cybeer to dispense soft drinks, cocktails and wine.'

To ensure the machines are not used by under-age users, customers can only pay for the drinks with a 'smart card' which must be purchased at the bar. The card can also have a thumb print on it which the machine electronically matches to the user - they also record the amount of drinks purchased.

Eddie Gersham, a spokesman for UK's Wetherspoon pub chain, is uncertain about using such methods. 'We're a more traditional chain and prefer to have faces behind the bar, we probably wouldn't be interested in using Cybeer machines,' he says.

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