Italy: Anselmi renounces DOC Soave

Italy: Anselmi renounces DOC Soave News Wine News
  • Thursday 12 April 2001

Roberto Anselmi, one of Soave's most respected producers, has announced that he is abandoning the DOC and reclassifying all his wines as VdT Veneto.

Anselmi, a pioneering grower who owns some of the top vineyard sites in the Classico area, will continue to use the DOC grape varieties, but in future neither the dessert wine I Capitelli nor the single cru selections Capitel Foscarino, Capitel Croce and San Vincenzo will be called


Anselmi describes the move as a personal response to the dilemma of the minority of quality oriented grower-producers in a DOC overwhelmingly dominated by an industrial scale output(over 60 million bottles a year) of bottom-to-middle range wines. In particular Anselmi's decision has been

prompted by profound differences of opinion with the Producers' Consorzio over the issue of the DOCG for Soave.

Already highly sceptical of the norms of the recently approved DOCG for Recioto di Soave, which include in his view the "absurd" provision for Recioto Spumante, Anselmi expresses fierce criticism of the direction in which he sees proposals for the new DOCG for Soave going: "The DOCG offers the chance to finally establish the conditions for quality viticulture in Soave, but the Consorzio is interested only in promoting the DOCG as a commercial brand" he says.

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