Delia and Berry Bros: the perfect match of food and wine?

Delia and Berry Bros: the perfect match of food and wine? News Wine News
  • Tuesday 17 April 2001

The science of matching food and wine attracts a lot of attention these days, so it comes as no surprise to find Berry Bros & Rudd posting recommendations on celebrity cook Delia Smith's website.

Berry Bros may well be one of the oldest and most established of the UK's wine merchants, but it is renowned in the trade for its dynamic approach to selling wines in the 21st century. The company's latest initiative sees the development of a partnership with cult cookery writer Delia Smith to provide wine suggestions to go with the recipes posted daily on

Experts at Berry Bros receive advance notice of the recipes and then make recommendations from their stock list. These in turn are assessed by Delia's wine expert, and sometimes even by Delia herself, to make the final selection. 'We don't recommend against every recipe,' explained Berry Bros' e-commerce manager Martin Brown, 'just those where we feel it is appropriate.'

Brown feels that such internet ventures are a way for the company to target a non-traditional audience. 'It may well be that it is mainly women who use Delia's site – and as women are not the traditional buyers of fine wines, we thought it would be interesting to see what happened if we put some wines up on her site.'

While it is too early to tell, as yet, whether the company will manage to use deliaonline to tap into its desired audience, there's no doubt at all that the project will shed some light on the trendy art of marrying food to wine.


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