Football veteran advises fans on Bordeaux, Lebanon and more

Football veteran advises fans on Bordeaux, Lebanon and more News Wine News
  • Wednesday 18 July 2001

He's carried them to victory after victory over the last decade and a half, but Manchester United aren't the only reds in Sir Alex Ferguson's life.

The manager (pictured) of one of Europe's greatest football clubs has a sophisticated knowledge of wine, and he's just been advising fans on what to buy, during a live chat on the Manchester United website.

Not that there should be any surprise. Fergie – as his fans call him - isn't short of money. He's soon to retire and take up a £1m a year consultancy post with the club, so he won't be raiding his savings accounts to fill an already very respectable cellar.

But in his 15-year tenure at the club, he has built a reputation for ruling with a rod of iron, demanding abstinence from his players, and famously carpeting them when they step out of line. Star striker David Beckham once came in for a very public bawling out.

And now the man who grew up in a tough working class Scottish town reveals a softer side. He's fond of Sinatra, Perry Como and Nat King Cole, and he rates Pauillac and St Julien.

Interspersed amongst questions about greatest goals and favoured playing formations, Fergie is asked to suggest a good red.

'The year 2000 in Bordeaux is good,' he says. 'If you keep them you won't go wrong. For drinking wines, I recommend the Pauillacs and St Juliens.'

He then goes on to talk up Lebanese star Château Musar, Aussie Cape Mentelle, and South African wines, and ends by saying, 'But I do like the Bordeaux, they keep their consistency very well.'

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