The Wine Society anticipates quarter-millionth share

The Wine Society anticipates quarter-millionth share News Wine News
  • Wednesday 30 July 2003

The Wine Society is looking forward to selling its 250,000th share - and plans to be uncharacteristically vocal in its celebrations.

The UK-based mail-order merchant, renowned for its unfailing service and strong wine list, relies solely on word to mouth to attract members who, as its only shareholders, own the society outright.

Although active membership currently stands at about 100,000, because shares never disappear - they are passed on down through the generations - total membership is due to reach the quarter-million mark before the year's out.

'It's true we are expecting to sell our 250,000th share within the year,' Pierre Mansour, tasting and PR manager of The Wine Society, told 'We are still looking at ideas how to celebrate, but there will certainly be some sort of event.'

The Wine Society may have a relatively low profile but it is the world's oldest thriving co-operative wine society. It was founded in 1874 to buy wines direct from growers and pass on the savings to winelovers back home - something it continues to do with obvious success today.

Asked to explain the key to The Wine Society's success, Mansour pointed to the strength of its wine list, which is still improving he said, 'We are constantly visiting winemakers in order to widen and improve the range,' he said.

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