Bordeaux 2010: Negociant boycotts 'ludicrous' Rauzan Segla

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  • Thursday 16 June 2011

In a further twist to the ongoing saga of Bordeaux 2010 prices, negociant Barriere Freres has refused to sell Chateau Rauzan Segla because of its 'ludicrous' price.

1855 Chateaux
1855 Chateaux Chateau Rauzan-Segla

In an email to the UK wine trade seen by, the negociant announced, ‘Barriere Freres has simply decided to refuse directly its allocation on this wine as we find this offering completely out of line and has no justification whatsoever.

‘We can understand that wine producers can be ambitious but this one is just completely ludicrous.’

Rauzan-Segla, the Chanel-owned Margaux second growth, has just been released with a retail price to the trade of €84.00 per bottle from negociants – 40% more than last year’s €60.00.

Managing director John Kolasa, was unrepentant. ‘All I’ve done is follow suit,’ he told ‘Barriere presumably is writing the same thing about the hundreds of other chateaux that have exactly the same pricing policy.

‘I’m a bit annoyed myself that prices are so high but as the representative of the owners I’ve had to follow the line.’

Kolasa added that he had absolute confidence that Rauzan 2010 is a great wine and that the vintage would be one of the enduring classics of Bordeaux.

‘It reminds me of 1959. In terms of equilibrium, tannin and acidity it will be the vintage for keeping, one for the grandchildren to look back on.’

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