Dom Perignon 2004 Champagne and food pairing

See the images and tasting notes from Dom Perignon's food and Champagne pairing event, matching Dom Perignon 2004 to a variety of different dishes, hosted by the Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy...

DP 2004 and Grilled crab Tomato juice

Tomato-juice aspic / Albacore / Sweet orange oil / Fleur de sel
Two shades of red represent earth and sea in this dish, which inspires almost childlike joy. The wine dialogues gently with them while casting a slight shadow on the bright colors. Nothing heavy here, just a waking dream in fresh, still-briny air later perfumed by a delicate aroma of citrus.
Grilled crab / Grilled licorice
The licorice stick, more than just an accessory, brings out the flavor evoked by the grill marks on the red crab shell, echoing a similar note discreetly present in the wine. This light touch of darkness seems to seek out a citrus note. When the almost-sweet crabmeat makes its entrance, the wine reveals all its precision and its tight, smooth grain.

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