Book review: Quintessentially's 100 most iconic wine estates

  • Wednesday 3 April 2013
100 Most Iconic Wine Estates

This book is as much a homage to Roget's Thesaurus as to the glories of great wine. How many words of extreme praise can you think of? Stunning, captivating, lifechanging, expert, incredible, wonderful, imposing, majestic, staggering, sublime, highly skilled, fabulous, iconic, dreamy, phenomenal, spectacular, stunning (again), impressive, extraordinary, legendary, illustrious - and that's only in the first 21 pages.

As you might infer, this book sets out to praise 100 great estates, and it succeeds. (As in: 'No matter where you are in the world, you shouldn't be too many metres from a bottle of highly professional, authentically sourced and astutely made Torres wine!') The pieces are short and breathlessly admiring, and for some estates (Valdespino, Vega Sicilia, Rioja Alta, Weinbach, Filliatreau, Huet; over half of them, in fact) almost bizarrely short. In the case of Jacky & Jean-Philippe Blot de la Taille aux Loups, the name of the producer takes up more space on the page than the copy. The pictures are nice, though. Quintessentially is an organisation aimed at the super-rich. Is this what the superrich want? Heaven help us.

Curated by Matthew Jukes

Quintessentially Publishing, £30


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