De Long's top weird & wonderful grapes

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Not as uncommon as some but, for me, one of the world’s great red grapes: great structure, capable of ageing and delicious.


The first time I tried this was on a trip to Campania. Although mostly used in blends, varietal Biancolella holds
its own against both Greco and Fiano d’Avellino.


An amazing white grape. Some of the best wines are made by Greece’s Vangelis Gerovassiliou, who saved the variety from extinction.

Pineau d’Aunis

The wine I first tried was made by Domaine de Bellivière. Peppery and elegant, I can see why this was Henry III’s favourite wine.


I tasted this amazing white variety at Vigneti Massa in Piedmont, Italy, where the great Walter Massa makes big, aromatic, refined wines.

And five more grapes he’d like to add to his tally...  Koshu from Japan, Beichun, Long Yan (Dragon’s Eye) and Jufeng Noir from China and Malaga Blanc from Thailand.

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