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DWWA 2013 Regional Chairs

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Monty Waldin DWWA

Monty Waldin, Tuscany

Monty Waldin became the first wine writer to specialize in green issues in the mid-1990’s and his first book, The Organic Wine Guide, was published in 1999 and voted Britain’s Wine Guide of the Year. At the time, Monty was developing a biodiversity project for a Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard in California and has drawn on his winemaking experiences in Chile for subsequent writings. He is the author of other award-winning books including Biodynamic Wines and Wines of South America as well as being filmed in 2007 for Britain’s Channel 4 documentary, Château Monty, on biodynamic winemaking in Roussillon in France. In addition, Monty has contributed to radio, newspapers and wine, travel and environmental publications. He frequently visits Tuscany where his Italian partner and their son live, and advises on biodynamics to farms, vineyards, gardens and olive groves across the globe.

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Monty Waldin DWWA
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