Wine lover's guide to Paris

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Chez Georges

Not a wine bar per se, rather an expensive but essential bistro frequented by gourmets from France and beyond. The kitchen is not shy with its huge portions of bourgeois bistro food: slices of chicken liver paté are cut as thick as steaks. A meal of radishes with butter, kidneys, and a rhum baba with cream will keep you full all day. How do the regulars stay so trim? The 19th-century décor is splendid and service is classic, efficient and beyond reproach. The wine list is heavy on Burgundy, with bottles ranging from €80 to €400; a more modest choice is one of the Sancerres. Booking is essential.

Chez Georges, 1, rue du Mail, 75002. Tel: +33 (0)1 42 60 07 11.
Closed weekends. €36–€50.