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DWWA 2013 Argentina Judging Panel

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Ernesto Lanusse

Ernesto Lanusse is from Buenos Aires and the son of Dolly Irigoyen, one of Argentina’s most famous chefs and owner of Espacio Dolli, where Ernesto is Executive Manager. A recent venture included the ‘Nomade’, a gourmet food truck which became a giant hit for its brightly coloured stencil work but more so for the ‘Min Pao’ aka Momofuku-style buns filled with pork, pulled beef and mushrooms. Ernesto is also a member of A.C.E.L.G.A. (Asociación de Cocineros y Empresarios ligados a la Gastronomía Argentina), a group which works to promote the identity of Argentine cuisine both in Argentina and throughout the world, and consults to a number of companies on wine purchases.

Patricio Tapia
Ernesto Lanusse
Phil Crozier
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