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DWWA 2013 Regional Italy Judging Panel

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Daniele Cernilli

Daniele Cernilli was born in Rome and graduated with a Masters in Philosophy. In 1979 he began his career in the wine trade at Vini & Liquori, a monthly magazine, before going on to co-found what would become the annual Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia in 1987. Daniele has held various editorial positions, including Editor-at-Large of Gambero Rosso magazine and Wine Travel Food, and in 1988 he was named Editor-in-Chief of Vini d’Italia (also published in English as Italian Wines), where he directed the tastings of wines entered from all over Italy – from a few hundred in the first edition to over 18,000 in the 2010 edition. In 1999, Daniele started writing for Rai Sat/Gambero Rosso Channel and, in 2009, he was made Editor-in-Chief of the programme. Daniele has consulted for the Associazione Italiana Sommelier and the Worldwide Sommelier Association, and is currently working on his own Italian & English web magazine, DoctorWine.it.

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Daniele Cernilli
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