The Decanter Power List 2013

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22 Mathieu Chadronnier (41)
General manager, CVBG Grands Crus, 35
Chadr onn ier is the youthful and visible head of one of the top three grands crus négociants. CVBG Grands Crus turns over €90m a year, and is part of the group built up by his father Jean-Marie and sold in 2007 to the Thienot group, its sister companies including Vins & Vignobles Dourthe, Kressmann and Maison Delor. Chadronnier approached the scramble for China with caution, and as that market softens, this attitude would seem wise. ‘As growth in China has decelerated,’ he says, ‘and with a succession of less successful en primeur campaigns, we’ve reaped the benefits of our focus on a balanced market portfolio, and a strong business on back vintages.'