The Decanter Power List 2013

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17 Gina Gallo (15)
Winemaker, E&J Gallo, 46
It’s the wor ld’s largest winery, with sales of US$3.4bn, more than 5,000 employees and over 60 brands available in 90 countries. There are nine wineries in California and Washington and 6,500ha of vineyards – it ships 80 million cases a year. Yet a quick news search will bring up more about Gina Gallo’s marriage to Jean-Charles Boisset (see p26) and the birth of twin daughters in 2011 than corporate dealings. The fact that she’s the company’s facto ambassador, while her cousin Joe, the late Ernest’s son, is the more faceless CEO, is telling. E&J Gallo – described in the 2011 Power List as ‘prickly, litigious and hush-hush’ – presents itself as the world’s most friendly family company, and Gina its public face. But make no mistake about her power: her marriage to Boisset forged an alliance between two powerhouses. One in every four bottles of wine drunk in the US is sold by E&J Gallo, and research company Nielsen say it’s the UK’s third best-selling wine brand, behind Hardys and Blossom Hill.