A decanter.com promotion. Viña Indómita was the site of the recent 2016 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards ceremony sponsored by the Casablanca Valley Winery and Grapegrowers’ Association, the city of Valparaiso and the city of Casablanca.

A decanter.com promotion.

During the ceremony, Rafael Torres, the director of tourism for the city of Valparaiso emphasized the importance of the partnership between the Casablanca Valley and Valparaiso whose goal is to promote economic, cultural and tourism growth.  Casablanca city manager Alfonso Barros discussed the importance of the awards for the promotion of the local wine industry while Mario Agliati, the president of the Casablanca Valley Winery and Grapegrowers’ Association commented that the awards contributed to the promotion of the region and its businesses on both the national and international level and encouraging further participation of the wine and tourism industry in future editions of the unique international partnership that is the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

The 2016 winners are:

Viñamar was founded to develop an exceptional line of still and sparkling wines for the world’s most demanding markets. The winery’s name pays homage to the valley’s primary virtue: its beneficial proximity to the sea. It also incorporates the over one hundred year-old tradition of our wine group, characterized by a passion for excellence and the uncompromising quality of its wines.

WINE TOURISM RESTAURANT: Restaurante de Viña Indómita

Indómita Vineyards has its own restaurant founded in 2003, applauded for both its delicious menu and its design. Withe the advice of renowned chef Thomas Olivera, together with a team led by Executive Chef Cristian Morales, the restaurant Indómita is a place of excellence in the local dining  scene.
From the depths of our pristine ocean, to the southernmost reaches of our country, our chef has researched traditional ingredients and recipes, adapting and perfecting them with his own particular style. For these and many reasons, our restaurant is considered among the best outside the city of Santiago.
We want this experience to be more than just sit and dine; we want our patrons to be captivated by the special flavors of our dishes made with the finest ingredients that combine avant-garde and traditional touches, creating the perfect match for our wines.



Viña Casas del Bosque is a boutique vineyard dedicated to the creation of premium quality wines and first class wine tourism.  It is one of the most important cool climate wineries in Chile, known as much for its tourist attractions and excellent wines as for being one of the most awarded wineries in Chile.
The vineyard has a number of tourist offerings.  Led by knowledgeable guides visitors can enjoy highly specialized tours of the winery and partake in detailed tastings.  Visitors can take a picnic to the natural dam, cycle up to the Mirador to enjoy the best view of the Casablanca valley or simply relax on our sunbeds next to the vines after having lunch in our restaurant, Tanino.
Viña Casas del Bosque has been recognized as the Best Vineyard to Visit in Chile by Le Winery Guide.  Guided by our bilingual staff, it is the best place to enjoy and taste the best wines in Chile in an elegant and relaxing environment.
Our restaurant Tanino was selected by the magazine Wine Access as being part of the top 20 Best Vineyard Restaurants in the World.  Our Head Chef and Winemaker work closely together to achieve a perfect fusion between our gastronomy and wines.

ART AND CULTURE:  Estancia El Cuadro

Visitors at Estancia El Cuadro learn about expressions of art and culture that along with wine, food and a knowledgeable staff, achieve a complete, unique and unforgettable experience. A specially built infrastructure called “Media Luna” shows visitors a taste of the Chilean national sport called rodeo, the skills of the typical Chilean cowboy “huaso” and his horse, in addition to our national dance “La Cueca”. Tourists can also visit our wine museum, where our tour guides take them on a journey through the winemaking process in Chile during the nineteenth century.
Hand carved Laurel wood painted figures along with machinery of the epoch, bring to life this unique museum.
Estancia del Cuadro also boasts the first educative grape wine garden with 26 famous plant varieties, where visitors learn the characteristics and differences between them.
The winery also sponsors classical music concerts in its wooden tank salon called ‘Cavas’, matching wine and music.


Emiliana is the leading organic vineyard in Chile and one of the biggest in the world, with a distinctive wine tourism program.
Our wines and services reflect our passion,  which is to always produce the highest quality with a deep respect for our people and environment.
The tour begins with a walk through our gardens where visitors can share with native animals, active characters of biodiversity that sustains our environment.
In the vineyards one can see different soil types, planted varieties and climatic characteristics of the valley. The tour concludes in our cellar, where the biodynamic preparations responsible for nutrition and protection of the vines are stored.

About the Great Wine Capitals Global Network
Founded in 1999, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network is an alliance of eight internationally renowned wine regions – Bordeaux, France; Cape Town, South Africa; Mainz|Rheinhessen, Germany; Mendoza, Argentina; Porto, Portugal; Bilbao|Rioja, Spain, San Francisco|Napa Valley, USA and Valparaiso|Casablanca Valley in Chile.

The Best Of Wine Tourism awards serve as an industry benchmark for excellence and recognize leading wineries and wine-tourism related businesses within each Great Wine Capital that have distinguished themselves in areas such as innovation, service and sustainable practices. For more information visit www.greatwinecapitals.com.