Weather Conditions Unsettled weather with often unseasonal extremes made this a difficult year to manage in the vineyard, but producers who reacted promptly to the vagaries of the weather had…

Punset vineyards, Barbaresco, Piedmont

On and on they roll, the hills, one after another, combed to perfection, retreating grandly into the heat haze, frilled and filled out with copses of trees, threaded with pale…


The village of La Morra loomed over us, up on the hill. ‘I couldn’t,’ said the softly spoken former derivatives trader for Merrill Lynch in London, ‘afford to be there…

It’s been an exceptional start to the 21st century for Piedmont’s Barolo producers. Michael Garner finds out what’s behind this unprecedented string of strong vintages and homes in on the…


2008 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. Another 2008 vintage saved by an Indian summer. Expect intense flavours but a more elegant structure than last year.


2007 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. Lengthy ripening season produced well-structured, aromatic wines with plentiful but ripe, velvety tannins.


2005 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. Climate conditions have been erratic with many producers saying it's been a tough and difficult vintage.


2003 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. Deep, bold reds with high levels of alcohol and in the best cases balanced with ripe fruit.


2002 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. An average year, the best of which will be a relatively elegant style of Barolo and Barbaresco .

Weather Conditions The year began with temperatures back to normal levels after two unusually warm winters. Healthy amounts of snow fell in January and March, helping to restore water reserves…

Piedmont vineyards

1996 vintage guide for Italy Piedmont. A troublesome vintage, though the top growers still managed to produce some excellent wines.