Wine fraud

Wine fraud

Wine fraud is a form of fraud in which wines are sold to consumers who have usually paid more than the wine is worth, if actually exists at all.

There have been a number of high profile cases of wine fraud in recent years, ranging from en primeur investment scams to dodgy labels on supermarket wines, all the way up to fake auction consignments of the world's finest and rarest wines.

The problem of fraud is especially acute in China, where the government is increasingly active in fighting forgeries, for both public health and tax reasons.

European Fine Wines

Fraudsters target victims of collapsed wine investment firm

26th January 2015

Consumers owed money and wine by collapsed European Fine Wines Ltd in the UK have been targeted by fraudsters posing as both the company’s directors and its liquidator, while London's High Court...

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Domaine de la romanee conti

Are higher fine wine prices motivating thieves?

7th January 2015

A series of high-profile burglaries in the past two years suggest that wine cellars have joined banks, art galleries and jewellery shops at the top of the criminal underworld's hit list.

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Kurniawan labels

Rudy Kurniawan's private cellar could help to repay victims

17th December 2014

A year since Rudy Kurniawan was convicted for mass wine fraud in the US, experts are preparing to enter his private cellar to see if wines can be sold to compensate victims owed nearly $30m.

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Giroud Vins

Swiss winemaker Giroud cleared of wine fraud

4th December 2014

Swiss winemaker Dominique Giroud has been cleared of illegally topping up tens of thousands of bottles of AOC St Saphorin with unapproved wine.

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de vogue burgundy

UK wine merchant rejects suspect 1947 Burgundy

28th October 2014

Corney & Barrow has raised the alarm after being offered suspicious bottles of a rare Burgundy wine that has previously fetched thousands of pounds at auction.

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Burning question October 2014 Rudy Kurniawan

Has Rudy Kurniawan damaged trust in the fine wine market?

9th September 2014

See both sides of the debate as to whether the recent case and subsequent jailing of wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan has damaged trust in the fine wine market, as featured as the 'burning question'...

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Giroud Vins

Swiss winemaker Giroud convicted of tax fraud

22nd July 2014

Swiss winemaker Dominique Giroud has been convicted of tax fraud, but his spokesperson said the verdict 'does not come as a surprise'.

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Wine fugitive wanted on embezzlement charges found in Mexico

22nd January 2014

A fugitive wanted on charges of embezzling close to $1m at the California wine company that he used to work for has been found in Mexico and deported back to the US.

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sanded case

Label tampering obscures fine wine provenance, merchants warn

13th January 2014

Several leading UK wine merchants have said that they are regularly offered fine wines that have had so-called 'strip labels' removed, hiding their true provenance and potentially leading to...

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Rudy Kurniawan

Kurniawan lawyers keen to avoid trial delay

11th November 2013

Lawyers representing alleged wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan are due in court to argue for him to be examined by psychiatrists.

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Counterfeit 1978 Romanee Conti

eBay defends anti-fraud plan over wine label concerns

11th November 2013

Online auction house eBay has defended its anti-fraud measures after concerns were raised in a recent court case about the availability of fake wine labels on the site.

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Domaine de la romanee conti

Police raids reveal suspected DRC wine fraud ring

22nd October 2013

A Europe-wide police operation has uncovered a suspected organised crime network believed to be responsible for selling up to EUR2m-worth (US$2.7m) of fake Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine.

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Fake JC

Clampdown planned as UK loses millions to wine fraud

15th October 2013

UK officials are considering tougher rules for drinks wholesalers as figures suggest the government is losing hundreds of millions of pounds annually via illicit wine sales.

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Daniel Snelling

Fraudsters found guilty in £4.5m Nouveau/Finbow wine trial

18th July 2013

Daniel Snelling, who ran Nouveau World Wines Ltd and Finbow Wines Ltd, has been found guilty of four counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering after a two month trial.

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Wine Forger's Handbook

Wine Forger's Handbook warns of dangers of fake wines

14th May 2013

A new eBook warning of the dangers of counterfeit wines has just been published online.

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Fake wine

Counterfeit wines: scandal of the century

10th May 2013

It’s been a year since Rudy Kurniawan was arrested for allegedly faking rare Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles and selling them at auction for millions of pounds. Mike Steinberger delves deeper into...

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Bill Koch

Bill Koch wins case against Eric Greenberg

15th April 2013

After years of litigation, multiple failed cases and endless court appearances, billionaire William Koch has claimed the first scalp in his war on what he calls ‘wine fakers’.

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30th August 2012

The future of French internet wine company is looking increasingly perilous as its detractors become more and more vociferous.

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Laboure-Roi directors detained in wine fraud probe

14th June 2012

Four directors of Maison Labouré-Roi, the 180-year-old Burgundy negociant house, have been accused of various counts of wine fraud.

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All Lafite bottles to carry Prooftag

30th May 2012

Chateau Lafite Rothschild has said all bottles from the 2009 vintage will use Prooftag anti-fraud seals.

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Bill Koch

Kurniawan arrest tip of the iceberg, say Koch and Frye

27th March 2012

The arrest by the FBI of Rudy Kurniawan is not enough to deter the tide of fake wine, alleged victims of counterfeiting say.

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Laurent Ponsot

Ponsot worked 'closely with FBI' for Kurniawan arrest

14th March 2012

The arrest of Rudy Kurniawan on multiple charges of fraud is the result of years of evidence-gathering on the part of the Burgundy owner whose name is identified with one of the most notorious...

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Rudy Kurniawan arrested in Los Angeles

9th March 2012

Rudy Kurniawan, the millionaire wine collector, has been arrested on fraud charges.

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Canada proposes national Icewine regulations to curb fraud

2nd February 2012

In an attempt to curb fraud the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proposing amendments to national regulations governing the production of Icewine.

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Wine fraud through identity theft on the rise

18th October 2011

Some £600,000 of wine has been obtained through identity theft in the UK over the past six months, police have warned.

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Wine fraud

Czech producer in fraud probe

5th January 2011

Police in the Czech Republic are investigating one of the country’s biggest producers over the sale of millions of litres of allegedly fraudulent wine.

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Bordeaux 2005 fraud

Wine investors 'defrauded of £2.5m'

15th October 2010

The trial of six people involved in three allegedly fraudulent wine investment companies started in St Albans Crown Court this week.

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Wine fraud

UK gets new fraud hotline: wine included

9th May 2010

For the first time ever the UK has a national fraud reporting and advice service.

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