There has been widespread vineyard damage due to hail in 2014, particularly in the French wine regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Languedoc.

In June, 300ha of vines were completely decimated in Bordeaux's Medoc appellation while a further 1,000ha were affected in Prignac-en-Médoc, Ordonnac, Civrac, Blaignan and Saint-Yzans.

Burgundy was similarly hit during June with approximately 5,000ha destroyed; namely in the regions of Beaune, Pommard, Volnay and Meursault with damage estimates ranging from 30-100% of the 2014 crop.

In July, a total of 15,000ha of agricultural land, mainly vineyards, was affected in the south of France, with the worst hit area Malepère, west of Carcassonne and Minervois, between Carcassonne and Narbonne. Parts of Corbières were also in the hail zone.

Vineyards in the Charente as well as Switzerland's canton of Vaud were also struck by hail.

Burgundy Hail in Volnay June 2014

Burgundy winemakers trial anti-hail nets

22nd July 2014

Burgundy's wine council, the BIVB, is overseeing trials of nets in the region's vineyards as a way of defending vines from hailstorms.

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Hail in Aude 2014

Hail ravages vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon

8th July 2014

Violent hailstorms have damaged thousands of hectares of vines in France's Languedoc-Roussillon, only weeks after winemakers in Burgundy and Bordeaux suffered similar deluges.

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Cumulonimbus over Volnay Andrew Jefford

Jefford on Monday: Hail: Everything you never wanted to know

7th July 2014

It's 364 days since I last wrote about hail and its catastrophic vineyard consequences. It's just 14 days since I described this year's beautiful flowering weather and encouraging crop set in...

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Burgundy Hail in Volnay June 2014

Burgundy producers request government aid as 3,000 hectares damaged

2nd July 2014

Producers across Burgundy have asked government officials for help in the form of tax relief, subsidies and funding to increase anti-hail measures, following a devastating hailstorm on Saturday.

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Burgundy Hail in Volnay June 2014

Hailstorm decimates vines across Burgundy

30th June 2014

Burgundy winemakers have reported widespread damage to the 2014 harvest after a five minute hailstorm destroyed vines across the region on Saturday afternoon.

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Bordeaux Hail

Hail ravages vineyards in northern Medoc

12th June 2014

Violent hail storms across southwest France have caused extensive damage to vineyards in the northern Medoc region of Bordeaux.

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Burgundy Hail

Burgundy winemakers go hi-tech in fight against hail

7th March 2014

Burgundy vineyards could soon be protected from devastating hail storms by technology that supporters say can control weather patterns in the skies above.

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Aubert de Villaine

DRC co-owner de Villaine says 2014 is crucial for growers

10th February 2014

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti has triumphed against the odds with its 2011 but allocations are under pressure and, like many in Burgundy, co-owner Aubert de Villaine is craving a 'normal' growing...

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Bordeaux Entre Deux Mers hail damage

Hail-struck Bordeaux winemakers to top up with bulk AOC wine

6th September 2013

Bordeaux winemakers who lost vines to violent hail storms over the summer will be allowed to buy bulk AOC wine to boost volumes.

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Bordeaux 2012 en primeur,

Bordeaux 2013 harvest set for 20% drop

2nd September 2013

Bordeaux is facing its smallest harvest since 1991, according to the Bordeaux Wine Bureau.

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Bordeaux Entre Deux Mers hail damage

Second Bordeaux storm destroys 4,000ha costing '20million Euros at the very least'

5th August 2013

Bordeaux's main white wine growing region, Entre-deux-Mers, has been hit by a massive hailstorm damaging about 4,000 hectares of vines with many producers losing almost their entire crop.

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