Evin Law

Evin Law

The Evin Law, (also known as Loi Évin) bans the advertisement of alcohol and tobacco across France.

The law, passed in 1991, aimed to combat the country’s struggle against tobacco consumption and alcoholism.

It details strict control over messages and images relating to drinks over 1.2 per cent alcohol by volume with the law stating no advertising should be targeted at young people, no advertising is allowed on television or in cinemas and no sponsorship of cultural or sports events is permitted.

It takes its name from Claude Évin, the minister who proposed the law to Parliament.

Rhone wine advert balloon

France's anti-alcohol lobby forces Rhone wine body to change advert slogan

14th January 2015

Cotes du Rhone winemakers are the latest to fall foul of France's anti-alcohol lobby after being ordered to change the slogan on an advertising campaign, but a court ruled the advert's image could...

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Vin Societe

French government rebuffs claims it is 'anti-wine'

10th October 2013

France's health ministry has rubbished suggestions that it plans to put stricter health warnings on wine labels or that the government will raise taxes on wine.

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Vin Societe

French wine lobby group warns of anti-alcohol policies

26th September 2013

French wine industry lobby group, Vin & Societe, has launched a campaign to force France's Government to listen to its concerns ahead of a new public health bill.

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Evin Law

Total crackdown on online alcohol promotion in France, health lobby report will recommend

12th June 2013

The health lobby in France has invoked the Evin Law in a call for stricter limits on what bloggers and social media users can write about wine online.

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Bring in Evin Law to curb UK drinking, government says

19th July 2012

Drinks companies must do more to tackle the harm their products cause, the government has said in a wide-ranging report that suggests bringing in French-style curbs on alcohol advertising.

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Royal College Physicians

Health lobby wants alcohol sponsorship ban

11th June 2012

A powerful alliance of health professionals wants a French-style ban on alcoholic drinks advertising on television and at sports events in the UK.

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Will Francois Hollande be good for the wine industry?

8th May 2012

The signs are that France's new President, Francois Hollande, will support the wine industry more than his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy did, although his stated dislike of the rich may be causing...

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Bordeaux en primeur wine tastings

France likely to ban first wine TV network

22nd March 2010

France's first wine network is in danger of being banned at home before even filming its first show.

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Evin Law: alcohol advertising now allowed on internet

17th June 2009

The Senate in Paris has ratified an amendment to the Evin Law, allowing use of the internet for alcohol advertising.

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French flag

French government bans outside drinking

1st April 2009

In a move which has the French wine community up in arms, the Sarkozy government has upped the stakes in its war against alcohol abuse by banning all outside drinking.

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French drinks industry wins internet battle

10th March 2009

The French National Assembly has agreed to allow alcohol advertising online.

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French wine industry braces itself

5th March 2009

The French wine industry is preparing for a tense weekend as the General Assembly in Paris continues to debate its controversial healthcare bill.

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French wine regions

French Parliament debates wine laws

12th February 2009

The French National Assembly is this week debating amendments to a raft of laws aimed at stopping under-age drinking.

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BFWE 2012 general pictures

Free wine tastings to be outlawed in France

31st October 2008

Free wine tastings in France could be banned if a suggested amendment to the public health bill is accepted by the government.

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Decanter travel

Confusion reigns over wine ads in France

18th September 2008

Confusion over the legality of wine advertising in France is driving more and more organisations to self-censorship.

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Leaked French wine law proposals to treat alcohol like porn

24th July 2008

Details of proposed new laws that put alcohol on the same level as pornography, and would effectively ban wine on the internet in France, were leaked to members of the press yesterday.

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France: Microsoft pulls wine adverts

23rd May 2008

Online advertising provider Microsoft AdCenter is removing all wine merchants from its client list in France, saying French legislation does not permit wine advertising online.

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Bordeaux must fight anti-alcohol lobby

28th April 2008

Bordeaux winemakers should turn up the pressure against the anti-alcohol menace in France, says an alcohol industry lobbyist.

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French group demands Sarkozy action on anti-alcohol lobby

5th March 2008

A French group has threatened Nicolas Sarkozy with industrial action if he does not curb the anti-alcohol lobby.

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France: internet wine promotion outlawed as Heineken appeal fails

14th February 2008

A French appeals court has found against brewer Heineken in a case that will see all alcohol advertising banned from French websites, decanter.com has learned.

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Sarkozy: I will relax wine advertising regulations

27th February 2007

Right-wing French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that he will give more freedom to wine advertising in France should he be elected in May.

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Evin Law softening clears final hurdle

24th January 2005

France has just voted overwhelmingly in favour of changing the notorious Evin Law to allow more freedom in wine adverts.

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