Wine harvests 2013

harvest 2013

After a difficult growing season in 2013, especially for much of Europe that was hit by hailstorms and floods, many vineyards around the world have begun harvesting their grapes.

Read news stories about the effects of the weather in 2013, the predicted yields around the world and see exclusive pictures from vineyards and winemakers from wine regions across the globe as they bring in this year's harvests.

Chablis Rot

Chablis battles rot to secure 2013 harvest

8th October 2013

For Chablis winemakers who can manage rot in their vineyards, the 2013 harvest may yet yield some pleasantly surprising wines, say producers.

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Austria set for small 2013 harvest after extreme weather

16th September 2013

Austria's vineyards are facing their fourth consecutive small harvest in 2013, thanks to a combination of hail, drought and poor weather during flowering.

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Napa Valley enjoys 'ideal' harvest conditions

10th September 2013

Napa Valley winemakers are basking in 'ideal' conditions for the 2013 harvest, reflecting an upbeat mood across California as a whole.

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Bordeaux Entre Deux Mers hail damage

Hail-struck Bordeaux winemakers to top up with bulk AOC wine

6th September 2013

Bordeaux winemakers who lost vines to violent hail storms over the summer will be allowed to buy bulk AOC wine to boost volumes.

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Bordeaux 2012 en primeur,

Bordeaux 2013 harvest set for 20% drop

2nd September 2013

Bordeaux is facing its smallest harvest since 1991, according to the Bordeaux Wine Bureau.

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Alsace hailstones

Hail hits southern Alsace vineyards

8th August 2013

Hailstorms continue to batter French vineyards, this time in the heart of Alsatian wine country, with up to 60% damages reported in parts of Southern Alsace.

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Bordeaux Entre Deux Mers hail damage

Second Bordeaux storm destroys 4,000ha costing '20million Euros at the very least'

5th August 2013

Bordeaux's main white wine growing region, Entre-deux-Mers, has been hit by a massive hailstorm damaging about 4,000 hectares of vines with many producers losing almost their entire crop.

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Champagne vineyard

Champagne yield set for 2013 harvest

2nd August 2013

The yield for the 2013 Champagne harvest has been set at 10,000 kilograms per hectare, with an additional 500kg/ha allowed to be released from producers' reserve stocks next February, the Comité...

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Champagne hail damage July 2013

Hail destroys 300ha of vineyards in Champagne, says report

1st August 2013

Last weekend's severe hailstorms caused such extensive damage that several parts of the Champagne region lost up to half the potential 2013 crop, according to an official report issued yesterday.

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Burgundy floods July 2013

Cote de Beaune vineyards hit hard by violent storms

24th July 2013

Two violent storms collided late Tuesday in Burgundy resulting in massive damage to vineyards in the Cote de Beaune, according to the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB).

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Australia Hunter Valley Tyrrell's Wines vineyards, Australia, hunter valley, tyrrells, australia vineyard

Australia 2013 harvest 'biggest in five years'

10th July 2013

Australia's 2013 wine harvest was the biggest in five years, rising more than 10% on 2012 to hit an estimated 1.83m tonnes, according to the Winemakers' Federation of Australia (WFA).

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