Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

The Left Bank Bordeaux Cup is one of the world’s biggest amateur wine tasting competitions.

Now in its 11th year the cup was the brainchild of Baron Eric de Rothschild, and was originally called 20 Sur Vin.

Teams face a series of preliminary rounds with tasks ranging from multiple choice questions to blind tastings in which they must correctly place wines in age order and in the correct chateau, appellation, property and vintage.

The final is eventually fought out by two teams each from the United States, Asia, France and the rest of Europe.

This year’s final round was held at the prestigious Bordeaux estate Chateau Lafite Rothschild with the winning team from EDHEC Lille.

Last year’s winners from Harvard Business School.

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup: London semi-final

19th May 2013

See the pictures from the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup semi-final between Oxford University, Cambridge University, St Andrews University, Copenhagan Business School and Nyenrode Business School held at...

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup final 2012

2nd July 2012

See the pictures from the final of this year's Left Bank Bordeaux Cup held at Chateau Lafite; including the participating teams and the eventual winners EDHEC Lille.