How to decant wine

Decanting wine

The question of how to decant wine and how to decant port is an important one. Decanting wine has several practical purposes; to remove sediment from aged or unfiltered wine, to aerate the wine and 'let it breathe' as well as removing bottle stink.

Decanting is recommended for wines that have been bottle aged for a considerable time as well as heavily tannic red wines including Barolo, Bordeaux, Port and Rhone wines.

Most modern day wines do not require decanting, though even young wines may benefit from aeration.

We explore the issues around decanting wine - which bottles to decant, how far ahead to decant a wine and the best decanters to buy.

Also, watch two videos on How to Decant Vintage Port and How to Decant Red Wine by Gerard Basset MS MW OBE.

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