Rudy Kurniawan

Rudy Kurniawan, born in Indonesia in 1976, is a prominant fine wine collector and convicted perpetrator of wine fraud.

In March 2012, Kurniawan was arrested and indicted for allegedly selling fradulent wine at auction, notably fine Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.

On of December 9th 2013, Kurniawan, also known as Dr Conti in reference to Burgundy's renowned Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, was on trial having been officially charged with one count of mail fraud, which involves creating, selling and trying to sell counterfeit wines, and also one count of wire fraud, for allegedly lying about his circumstances to New York-based Fine Art Capital in order to secure a $3m loan.

He was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday 18th December 2013.

Kurniawan was sentenced to 10 years in prison for making and selling fake fine wines & fraudulently applying for a $3m loan on Thursday 7th August 2014.

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Rudy Kurniawan
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Rudy Kurniawan