Entertaining with wine - FAQ

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I want to take a bottle of wine to a dinner party. What should I take?

We've all chosen something with a nice label or bought on price to impress our friends.

It's difficult to know what to take so avoid the major brands and speak to your local wine merchant. Don't buy something too expensive if your hosts will squirrel it away for drinking when no one else is around. And yes, it's ok to take a wine that has a screwcap!

Perhaps find out what's on the menu and bring something to match.

What can I serve as an aperitif other than Champagne?

A light, fruity white such as a sparkling Moscato d'Asti, a medium German Riesling or a Fino sherry are all perfect as an alternative to bubbly.


How many glasses of wine will I get from a bottle?

That depends on the size of the bottle and the glasses, but in general, you should work on five-six glasses per 75cl bottle.


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