How to serve wine - FAQ

Questions and answers

What glass should I use for serving red wine?

Firstly, choose clear glass or crystal.

The stem should be strong.

A red wine glass should be larger than a white glass, with a wide bottom or bowl to allow more aeration. The rim should be narrower than the bowl to direct the aromas and flavours.

Whites should be served in a tulip-shaped glass. The bowl should be narrower than a red to keep the wine cooler and intensify the aromas.

Sparkling wine glasses are narrow and tall and most commonly called flutes. They are thought to keep the bubbles for longer and allow the wine to stay cool.

Glass company Riedel makes glasses for virtually every style and grape variety you could wish for.

How to pour sparkling wine

The latest sceintific research claims you should pour sparkling wines like beer - with the glass tilted at an angle.

It reports that the Champagne retains its fizz for longer when poured this way.

However you'll see most sommeliers pouring straight into the top and allowing the mousse to settle before retopping.

At what temperature should I serve wine?

Sparkling wines should be served at 9C, white wine at 12C, rose at 11C and red wine at 17C.

But how long does that mean you need to put it in the fridge? Well, a bottle of wine will cool 2C (4F) for every ten minutes in the refrigerator, and will warm at about this same rate when removed from the refrigerator and left at room temperature.