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Wine Terminology

Glossary terms

Cantina (It.)

Winemaking cellar.


Cantina sociale (It.)

Co-operative winery.

Caratello (It.)

Small barrel, of about 50 litre capacity,

 used for ageing vin santo.

Carato (It.)

Barrel, barrique.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Gas generated during fermentation. Normally most is allowed to escape into the atmosphere.

For sparkling wines the CO2 is trapped in the bottle and is responsible for the bubbles. Winemakers often use CO2 to protect juice and wine from oxygen at various stages in the winemaking process.

Carbonic maceration

Special winemaking process in which whole, uncrushed grapes are placed in a sealed tank.

Fermentation takes place within the berries, leading to extraction of fruit and colour but minimal tannin, resulting in a soft, early drinking style. Particularly used in Beaujolais and for many vins nouveaux and vins primeurs.

Cassis (Fr.)



Cave (Fr.)

Cellar, winery.


Cave co-operative (Fr.)

Co-operative winery.


Cedar, cedary

Tasting term used to indicate the spicy smell of cedar wood,

particularly in Cabernet Sauvignon wines.


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