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Wine Terminology

Glossary terms


Process of separating a wine from any sediment that may have formed.

This is essential for Vintage Port and for older reds (which naturally throw a deposit). Aeration is a by-product of decanting, though wine is most efficiently aerated ('allowed to breathe') by swirling in the glass.


Tasting term used to indicate a wine with intense colour (and/or flavour).

Degorgement (Fr.)

Disgorgement (disgorging).


Alcohol content. 'Twelve degrees' means 12% alcohol by volume.

Degustation (Fr.)

Wine tasting.

Demi-sec (Fr.)

Medium dry.

Used especially for Loire Chenin Blanc, as well as for some sparkling wines

Denominacin de origen (Sp.)

See 'DO'.


Denominacin de origen calificada (Sp.)

See 'DOCa'.


Denominao de origem controlada (Por.)

See 'DOC' (Portugal).


Denominazione di origine controllata (e garantita) (It.)

See 'DOC (Italy)', 'DOCG'.


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Wine News

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